Elixier of Life: Water.

Water is essential to all human beings. The fluid balance in the human body is regulated by water and therefore responsible for everyday performance. For example, the body of an adult person consists of about 60% of water.

Overall, liquids play a vital role in our life. They dissolve nutrients contained in whatever food we digest and transport them to the target organs. Besides, they eliminate metabolic by-products and poisonous substances from the body.

Every human being loses about two to three liters of fluids a day through the skin, the lungs and due to digestion. We have to replenish this loss of water to avoid that our well-being suffers and performance decreases. Thus, there has to be an adequate and constant supply of water. To maintain our body’s water balance, we should drink at least two to three liters of non-alcoholic beverages over the day. Do not wait for being thirsty to set in, because thirst is the body’s alert signal giving notice that it already lacks fluids!