Water is not just Water

From Table Water to Mineral Water

Only 2.6 % of the water resources on our blue planet are freshwater, and only a tiny bit of it is high-quality mineral water. The remaining 97.4 % is salty seawater and therefore undrinkable.

Natural MINERAL WATER has travelled a long way, before it is filled into bottles. Precipitation, for example rain, snow or hail, is mineral water in its most pristine form. It trickles into the ground, sometimes as deep as several hundred meters. In the course of centuries the water seeps through several layers of rock, which give their distinctive taste to the later mineral water. On its way the water filters and absorbs essential minerals like magnesium, sodium or calcium – in a different concentration and composition according to the type of rock.

DRINKING WATER directly from the tap is the cheapest and most often controlled type of food. Certain chemicals, however, may be used for cleansing purposes. In general, the quality of German drinking water is relatively high, although its quality may vary from area to area.

TABLE WATER - like table wine - is regarded as down-to-earth. Table water is tap water that contains additives such as minerals, seawater or carbonic acid. Since it may be bottled at any place, no geographic origin must be stated.