Modern and sustainable – Our production process.

The requirements regarding the quality of our products are high, especially in respect to sustainability and efficiency. In order to meet these, we make sure that our production facilities and technologies are always state-of-the-art. We also take care of a resource- and energy-conserving production process. In addition, the close technical controlling guarantees high efficiency on a permanent basis.

Regular investments in innovative processing technology and modern filling lines secure the production of our broad portfolio of carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks permanently. This happens quality-and quantity-wise and goes from mineral water to sweet beverages.

We have grown to be a specialist and partner in the field of beverage packaging. This was realized by extending the value added chain and the production line of preforms as well as by developing expertise over years in engineering special lightweight and unbreakable PET packaging.

Moreover, the topic “lean production“ was fundamental for the development of our processes but also for our engineering. The expertise and daily commitment of our employees ensure a continuous improvement of our optimization processes – starting with the organization through to the specific workflow on site. This all is an essential prerequisite to always be one step ahead of the market challenges.