To be at home around the World – our Logistics.

As far as the delivery of our products is concerned, we focus on two things: reliability and punctuality. Which is never a challenge, because a highly flexible production, efficiently organized storage, our own fleet and a network of transportation partners guarantee the punctual delivery of our products. High storage capacities ensure sufficient reserves and exceptional flexibility for coping even with extreme peaks in the demands of our customers.

Our “philosophy of short distances“ and also a cautious exploitation of resources helps to sustain the environment. Also our concept of regionality ensures that the products take the shortest route, as our production sites are located throughout Germany. Another advantage of the proximity to our customers is, that our production sites have the possibility to respond to requests on short notice. You will always know where your shipment currently is: When loading the goods, the barcode of each shipping unit is scanned in the shipping area. Electronic data collection ensures the fast and complete traceability of each individual pallet.