Systematic Quality – our Quality Management.

What really makes a difference to the consumer is one thing: The quality of a product – and we do everything not only to maintain but to improve our high standard continually. Therefore, the essential processes of the entire company are clearly structured within a quality management system, which also meets the requirements of the International Featured Standards Food (IFS). It is regularly reviewed by external auditors. Thus, all production sites have been certified.

Hence, comprehensive quality controlling is standard and guarantees that our own and the customer-defined quality metrics are observed. For this reason, all stages of the production process are subject to an ongoing monitoring and documentation beginning with the selection of raw materials through to the processing and shipment of the finished products.

In addition, each of our production sites has a laboratory, which is equipped according to the current requirements. Well-trained professionals conduct chemical and technical analyses, sensory analyses and microbiological examinations – with the purpose of optimally maintaining a high nutritional, hygienic and technological quality.