The heart of our company – our employees.

The success of a company may be measured in numbers – but in the end, the success depends on the people who do their very best every day showing strong commitment to their work. Here we are not different.

Our employees are the source of our success, from our trainees to the management – in the office, at the filling lines or on site at the customer's premises. For that reason, it is not surprising that our human resources development has a particularly high value for us. Only if you can identify yourself with the company and experience appreciation of your effort, you can work with delight and motivation for the joint success.

You have the opportunity to start with an internship or traineeship, you can join us as a bachelor or master’s graduate or you may join us ‘on-the-job’ with a specific position.

The basis of a specific support of trainees, skilled workers and executive leadership in the sense of a respectful communication and management culture rests on two pillars: Promoting the expertise as well as the personal skills.

Our employees distinguish themselves through entrepreneurial thinking and action. Flexibility, motivation, taking responsibility, autonomy, personal initiative and enjoying corporate success are additional core characteristics. Become a part of our Team!

Besides: Our company is certified according to SMETA (Sedex Member’s Ethical Trade Audit) regarding working conditions, industrial safety and hygenie as well as environmental management. If you need any more information visit this website

In addition, we carry the label "Logib-D" (Equal pay in operation-Germany)