A Richness in Diversity.

The product portfolio of our company is made up of private brands and trademarks. Though, the wide ranging business that is nationally and internationally oriented is managed by the head office located in Rellingen. Hansa Mineralbrunnen GmbH, a subsidiary of HANSA-HEEMANN, is located in Rellingen as well and is successfully marketing our own brands, like hella, St. Michaelis and Fürst Bismarck. Yet, not only the brands but also the product range is diverse as well: mineral water and soft drinks are our two major product areas. Spritzers, soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice and iced teas are produced in Germany at the five production sites in Bruchsal, Lehnin, Löhne, Aumühle and Trappenkamp.


Our Retail Brands - distinct like our customers.

We want our customers to be one thing: perfectly happy. That‘s why the HANSA-HEEMANN AG offers a very comprehensive and flexible portfolio of brands to its trading partners at home and abroad.

We are known as a supplier of a variety of soft drinks, who is concerned to keep the standards of conventional and aseptic bottling of partly sensitive beverages. Our product range includes pure mineral water, fruit spritzers, sparkling lemonades and colas as well as delicious vitamin drinks, isotonic fitness drinks, refreshing iced tea and the popular near-water products with every flavor imaginable.

HANSA-HEEMANN AG with its state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing equipment offers its consumers high-quality varieties of beverages in the popular PET bottle. Also all types and sizes of PET bottles can be supplied. If desired, an individual design can be developed as well.


hella. Fresh from the source.

Who doesn’t know “hella. Fresh from the source.“ – the slogan of our successful brand, which has enriched the market of high-quality mineral water for over 50 years. The brand is particularly well known in Northern and Central Germany: here hella is a daily, uncomplicated companion to many people, who refreshes and delights them consistently. These characteristics are reflected by the brand communication and also by sponsoring sporting events such as running and handball.

The broad product line of hella offers a great variety for every occasion and taste. Apart from classical mineral water and soft drinks, more refreshments have been successfully established in the market over the last years: From spritzers, sports and wellness drinks, mineral water with a hint of fruit flavor to fruit-flavored.

For more information, visit www.hella-mineralbrunnen.de

St. Michaelis. Fine Nordic pleasure.

If you want to spoil your guests in a classical Northern German way and with a distinctive, exclusive taste, you will choose St. Michaelis –a visual pleasure as well.

Not without reason have the high-quality, timeless and elegant characteristics always been particularly appreciated by our customers.

Ourgastronomy brand stands for exclusivity, a stylish design and provides for a modern and elegant ambience at table.

For more information, visit www.stmichaelis.de

Fürst Bismarck

In order to recover from his daily hard work the nature lover Fürst Bismarck enjoyed to take a walk on his land. Hereby he discovered this little well in 1891, where he from now on used to take a little sip of the crystal clear mineral water every time he came along this well.

Since 1906 the mineral water of this traditional headwater is bottled industrially because of its excellent quality. Today the original Fürst Bismarck well is located next to a nature reserve – this means that also future generations will be able to enjoy this natural product just like Fürst Bismarck.

For more information, visit https://fuerstbismarckquelle.de