Best things are not far.

Freshness for your region – from Rellingen.

The head office of HANSA-HEEMANN AG is located in Rellingen, close to Hamburg: Here the main business is primarily handled always in close cooperation with the site management. The main focus is on the continuous development and optimization of strategies and processes in coordination with the management.

In order to ensure a practical realization of the processes, the employees of the head office work hand in hand with the representatives of the production sites. Generally, the intern structures and working relationships are characterized by flat hierarchies and a ‘policy of the open door’. Therefore every employee feels responsible to take care, that the customers have access to the complete and diverse product portfolio, first-class service, and outstanding quality and are able to experience our full reliability.

Contact details:

Halstenbeker Weg 98
25462 Rellingen

Tel.: 04101 5050
Fax: 04101 505-132


Freshness for your region – from Aumühle.

In the Sachsenwald close to Hamburg the site Aumühle is located. Here the mineral water Fürst Bismarck is filled, which is widely known in Northern Germany.

Contact details:

Fürst Bismarck Quelle
Sachsenwaldstraße 55-65
21465 Reinbek

Tel: 04104-698-0
Fax: 04104-698-300


Freshness for your region – from Bruchsal.

The youngest site is located in the west of the Kraichgau, in Bruchsal, which is 20 kilometres in the North of Karlsruhe in Baden- Wuerttemberg. It is especially suitable as you find many wells here in this region. Additionally, its position in the southern West facilitates the nationwide distribution of our products.

Contact details:

Industriestraße 25
76646 Bruchsal

Tel.: 07251-50515-10
Fax: 07251-50515-50

Kloster Lehnin

Freshness for your region – from Lehnin.

About 30 kilometers in the southern West of Berlin this site was founded close to a mineral well in 1995. This convenient location facilitates a fast and widespread distribution of our products.

Contact details:

Belziger Chaussee 11
14797 Kloster Lehnin

Tel.: 03382-766-0
Fax: 03382-766-150


Freshness for your region – from Löhne.

Centrally located in North Rhine-Westphalia this site is using the mineralized water of the Weser mountains region for many products, which are appreciated by our customers, either nationally or internationally.

Contact details:

Im Rüsken 22
32584 Löhne

Tel.: 05732-9802-0
Fax: 05732-9802-50


Freshness for your region – from Trappenkamp.

This site is enclosed by a forest and about 70 kilometers in the North of Hamburg. Here you find about 300 meters deep wells and the very successful brands hella and St. Michaelis.

Contact details:

Lessingstraße 1
24610 Trappenkamp

Tel.: 04323-49-0
Fax: 04323-49-50